Deneene Collins Personal Brand


Deneene A. Collins is the Founder of Success Creation Academy, Inc. and the CEO of Collins Consulting, LLC.  She is an internet entrepreneur that publishes content with purpose. Deneene has published multiple books and she has helped and inspired others to become published authors as well. Her latest book, “Muscle Memory Millionaire” is changing [...]

Carolyn Ortman Personal Brand


Another Personal Branding Website that shines! Carolyn is a highly sought-after speaker, marketing expert and coach who has helped many thrive in their business. Meeting her made it clear that her ability to think straight regardless of the challenges her clients have to deal with is what makes her unique. So we tried to [...]

Jamie McNaughton Personal Brand


Given the experience we gained with numerous Personal Branding clients, we thought we'd put together something tasty for our partner and client Jamie McNaughton. Jamie is a one-of-a-kind speaker with extraordinary experience in product launch. We have to say! Her attention to details is out of this world, and that is what we believe [...]