TEDx speaker and multiple best-selling author Jackie Simmons, learned the hard way that what most people call sales didn’t work for her. As the mother of a teen suicide attempt survivor, Jackie had to learn how to sell herself on herself first. She calls it: “Sales From The Inside Out” and before Jackie learned it, her life was a long list of one self-sabotaging choice after another.

It’s hard to be successful when you feel like you have something to hide. When Jackie stopped hiding, what happened next was a rocket ride. Her first book, Your Path From Secret To Success, went from concept, to #1 Amazon International Best-seller in only 3 weeks. According to Jackie, her first program: “How to Succeed in the Midst of Self-Sabotage” is the one course she is the most qualified to teach.

Now, Jackie stands on stages, teaches online sales courses, and hosts 3-day speaking bootcamps in Sarasota, FL. She speaks out encouraging you to break the hold of your own limiting beliefs. Jackie claims to have the best job in the world because she gets to watch as her clients transform what they’re selling themselves and new opportunities start arriving for them, as if by magic.

I don’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about it 24 years ago when my daughter first tried to kill herself and I don’t want to talk about it now. But I must. I must be willing to break the silence and start the conversation with you. I must, because the silence is killing us. 3,000 teens a day are attempting to take their own lives, every day. That’s just teens, just in the U.S., and just the ones who didn’t die. It is an epidemic and the numbers are going up.

There’s a way to end the epidemic, the question is are you willing to do what must be done? Are you willing to break the silence? I’ll go first and I’ll show you how, if you let me.

In this interview, TEDx speaker and author of multiple AMAZON Best Sellers such as “The Path from Beating Yourself up to Beating Your Own Drum” takes a walk down memory lane and tells the story of how she went from being a mother in need to an ultra-successful business woman and a true humanitarian.

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