Sarah is an award-winning speaker, writer, and organizer of TEDxTenayaPaseo. She is a master communicator and collaboration ninja masked as a mom of 6.

Over the years of her career, she has built over 300 public speaking stage opportunities for experts in different niche markets. She has worked with everything from personal development, health, non- profits and all the way to marketing, tech and business.

Recently, she has started playing all in with what it means to help people live big and spreads their message in a big way. She believes in helping people find their story, message, and helping them make the impact they have always wanted.

In this interview Sarah Lawrence talks about the huge issues her anxiety was causing her, and how she overcame the anxiety on her way to become a TEDx organizer and coach.

TEDxTenayaPaseo is all about amazing human beings being the catalyst for change, that is making a massive positive impact on the world around us!

Visit for the once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the stories of people who took a leap of faith and showed the world what can happen when you believe, fiercely, in yourself and others!

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