Best-selling author and speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, has been a serial entrepreneur for his entire life. He has written 17 books, founded 43 companies and is always on the look out for what is next. He believes in taking complex things and making sense of them for others and in serving as much as he can in as many ways as possible. As the founder of Mind Types, he’s committed to helping others understand themselves and express who they are so that they attract the right people to their lives and business… Ridgely and his team have over 400 active websites in multiple business verticals and he speaks around the world, in both English and Spanish, as one of the foremost experts in internet marketing, with a specific emphasis on cause-based marketing. He has written 12 books, hosted his own television show and created dozens of audio and video programs on success and prosperity, and conducted dozens of online marketing campaigns resulting in millions of dollars in sales.

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