Arrow is a Master Trainer, Master Healer in the Tao Leadership Arts. She is a TED Talks Energizer and International best-selling author. As the founder of Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy, Arrow empowers Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizers to double their impact and revenue with less effort by harnessing their health, time and energy through her leadership training systems. Instructing since 2003; her methods are a fusion of Tao Leadership Training and Neuroscience. Her systems facilitate self-mastery by developing high performance success habits and cultivating the internal Qi. What’s more, Arrow is a thriving public speaker. Expertly delivered through an engaging combination of lessons, exercises and experiments, Arrow’s presentations will engage, awaken and inspire your audience. All her topics and group training sessions will skillfully guide your audience step by step on a journey within of grounded self-connection and perceptual transformation that will make a lasting impression.

In this interview, Arrow reveals the secrets to inner peace and how to harness health and energy that slips through our fingers day after day.

Using an artful combination of traditional practices and modern neuroscience, Arrow focuses on meeting your audience where they are and guiding them to restore balance in body, mind and spirit while eliciting deep internal AHA moments about the importance of integrating the entire being in raising their performance. To benefit from Arrow’s expertise, please visit

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