One of Canada’s leading contemporary interior designers, George Verdolaga creates timeless and elegant homes. At the beginning of his career, George worked in Milan, where he learned how to reduce rooms to their purest form. He also lived and worked in New York where he discovered how to elevate empty spaces through the playful use furniture and accessories. George combines key design elements to create that elusive ‘wow’ factor that allow clients to fully enjoy spaces that they’ve just purchased. He also helps them carry out the necessary kitchen and bathroom renovations to increase the resale value of a home. In this interview, George Verdolaga tells the story of how taking the first small step took him on the journey to become one of the most successful individuals in Interior Design and Real Estate industry. This video is specifically yours, if you have been meaning to start your own business, but always thought your idea is not good enough. Watch and see why this is only a misconception. Visit George’s website at

George opened Flowform Design Group in 2001 in Vancouver, the same year when the 9/11 terrorist occurred. Despite the grim events unfolding across the Canadian border he has been busy since day one delivering visually stunning interiors that have been his signature since the start of his career. George likes blending familiar and cutting-edge ideas as well as Eastern and Western influences to create spaces that look fresh. He believes that each surface – walls, floors or ceilings – is an opportunity to create something interesting and memorable. This means that he has filled many empty walls with paintings that inspire creativity and quiet contemplation. Along the way, George has started to represent artists from Zurich, New York, Manila and Vancouver whose work has been in increasing demand.”

George is a TEDx speaker, an AMAZON best selling author and a great role model for creative individuals who refuse to idle. He is currently developing ARTISTS WE PRESENT, featuring notable painters and photographers.