According to the government of Canada ( in 2015 more than 67% of Canadian Businesses are small or owned under self-proprietorship title and this figure has been increasing ever since. Our economy has never depended on the success of individuals to this extent, and that is because now our policy makers are valuing Personal Brands and the potentials of individuals more than ever.

So Why is this a good thing, you might ask?! This simply means that Now is the time to launch the Business you always dreamed of! You can get small business loans, register your name as a brand and invest in yourself and your talents rather than in companies you have little or no information about. To help thousands of businesses like ourselves gain traction, we decided to share the Top 5 Secrets to Online Success for Personal Brands.

1. Have a unique Logo

The beauty of a personal brand is in the authenticity of the mastermind behind it (we mean You!). Given that we humans use 3 dominant types of memory (i.e Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic), it is safe to suggest that the methods you use to stick to your clients’ minds require certain elements. Just take Google as an example. There is a very unique Logo made up of the most basic colors in the visible spectrum, plus a game or a short read. This engages the audience’s Visual and Kinesthetic memories! Surprised?!

Well! Be like Google! Select a simple, yet memorable logo that includes your name or at least a part of it. After all, it is Yourself that you are marketing for!

See these inspiring Personal Branding Websites:

2. Call to Action!

There are thousands of gorgeous websites out there! Don’t get us wrong! Anyone can go on a basic builder like Wix and put together an aesthetically attractive platform, but what is the good of it if visitors do not click that Booking or Call button or fill out that form?! Right?

Solution?! Include as many “Call To Action” buttons as makes sense. What is even more important is that these buttons need to use exactly 3 different designs: Flat and Square Buttons, Round Buttons, 3D Pill Buttons. The reason behind this is that different people trust different shapes and colors of buttons! Seriously!

The last thing to remember is this:

“Use different call to action styles for new users, returning users and subscribers. You can use Booking forms, Contact forms, Surveys, Videos, Action Modules and many other things. Keep it moving!!!”

3. Have a Dynamic Blog

You see! I can spend the next 3 paragraphs telling you how important it is to invest in SEO and hire a Vancouver Web Designer or Search Engine expert to improve your google ranking. But the truth of the matter is that with the recent changes in Google algorithms and the millions of dollars that larger corporations invest in their SEO game, small businesses like yours have little chance of competition. But don’t worry as there is a solution!

Yes! The algorithms have changed, but only to favor the content robots can find in a website. What I’m trying to say is that all you need to do to gradually rise in google organic rankings is to write high quality content and post regularly so that Search Engines notice your website and consequently your beloved personal brand.

Do you need someone to Audit Your Content or simply prepare Technical Content others cannot compete with?

4. Keep Your Website Up to Date

When interviewing Iman Aghay, one of top 25 immigrants to Canada (Canadian Immigrant, 2012), he shared a story with me that shivered my spine. After a whole year of work and sweat, he woke up one morning just to learn that his beloved online business was down and that he was being bombarded with spam mail as his plugin software were out of date and obsolete! What he didn’t understand at the time was that large companies do not face such issues simply because they have teams around the world that are monitoring the functionality of their websites 24/7!

As a Personal Brand, you need to give the inline aspects of your business the same treatment. You need to have someone keep an eye out for the maintenance of your website, the potential spammers and even hackers! YES! HACKERS! There is a large number of professionals around the world who take on this duty for a reasonable amount of money and guarantee that your online presence is persistent. The only point I need to make here is that, the best practice is to have someone who works either in your own timezone or a good 12 hour away from you, so they can do the repairs without your potential clients feeling a single hiccup in their user experience.

5. Use inbound and Outbound links to connect your brand to the Big Names in the City!

Let’s be honest! When you’re new, nobody knows who you are, but that doesn’t need to be stopping you from making grounds for your business. If there is one thing we I have learned from launching small startups is that larger companies love to delegate their smaller projects for a little bit of commission. Let me tell you a story. When I had first moved to Canada, I was a junior web designer with zero reputation, but a good taste in beer!

So one day, I picked up the phone, called the CEO of the largest Web Development company in Vancouver and asked him to give me a little stage time in return for me sponsoring their meetup with some good beer! Guess what?! That event became the basis for all the success that came along later! Our collaboration started with me doing their jobs for less money that they normally charged their clients and them marking it up and making revenue with zero effort.

Get them to notice you by implementing outbound links to their websites and services and have them share links to your website in their social media and blog pages. In the end, you should either invest like a corporation does, or use the investment they have made in your own favour! Which is it?

Check out the links below to access some of our partners, ’cause they are simply the best in their own business!

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